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Procleix Panther

The Panther® System is a fully a utomated Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) system. The Panther System can process approximately 280 samples in an 8-hour shift and up to 500 samples in approximately 15 hours. Because one trained operator can run up to four Panther instruments simultaneously, the productivity of a single technician using the Panther System could be as much as 10 times greater than a technician using other semi-automated systems.

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Fully automated system revolutionizes NAT for peak productivity.
The PROCLEIX® Panther ® system is an automated system for state-of-the-art nucleic acid testing (NAT) for blood screening. With this instrument, your lab has the flexibility to test individual or pooled donor samples with minimal hands-on time, increasing efficiency and throughput and reducing turn-around time. And, its compact footprint takes up less space than conventional NAT systems.

The PROCLEIX Panther System does it all automatically:

  • Target capture
  • Amplification
  • Detection
  • Results reporting

Set it up and walk away
Once you start the run, you're free to leave the system and move on to other work. You can check the progress and estimated completion time at any time.

The PROCLEIX Panther System brings to your lab:

  • Automated processing
  • High throughput
  • Built-in process controls
  • Confidence in results
  • Information on demand

PROCLEIX is a trademark of Grifols.

Panther is a trademark of Hologic

The 3-in-1 Nucleic Acid Test for HIV-1, HCV and HBV
The PROCLEIX® ULTRIO® Elite Assay is intended to deliver all the benefits of the detecting HIV-1, HIV-2, HCV and HBV.  Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) detects viral RNA and DNA during the very early stages of infection, reducing the window period between infection and detection. Using Transcription-Mediated Amplification technology developed by Gen-Probe Incorporated, the PROCLEIX® Ultrio Elite Assay has revolutionized blood screening.

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