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Gem Premier 3000

The Standard of Care in Critical Care Testing
GEM Premier 3000 from Instrumentation
Laboratory simplifies and enhances critical
care testing. In addition to unique features
such as its self-contained cartridge system and
comprehensive menu options, the GEM Premier
3000 now offers Intelligent Quality Management
(iQM), an internal, automated program that
performscontinuous quality management.


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  • Rapid whole blood testing for centralized and decentralized locations
  • Disposable cartridge contains all components: sensors, solutions, waste bag, tubing, even the sampler
  • Maintenance-free: just replace the cartridge every three weeks
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch-screen
  • Basic operation learned in just minutes
  • Cartridges stored at room temperature


  • State-of-the-art planar sensors
  • iQM for automatic, continuous, real-time quality control (QC)
  • Analytical performance equivalent to the best traditional analyzers
  • Demographic look-up and patient verification options


  • Standardized testing platform for use throughout the hospital—laboratory, respiratory care and point-of-care—with customized cartridges for every location.
  • 28 cartridge menu and size configurations.


  • GEMweb™ for remote system management from any network computer.
  • Gem web plus
  • Standardization for Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness
    With operating costs comparable to traditional blood gas instruments, the GEM Premier 3000 delivers superior performance and value in critical care testing.
  • Identical test system, procedures and methodologies used throughout the hospital
  • Ideal correlation between testing sites
  • Assured laboratory-grade analytical performance throughout the hospital
  • Assured cross-training of all operators
  • Simplified training and supervision
  • Simplified inventory management and LIS interface
  •  Efficient multi-use cartridges for added convenience and cost-
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