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Gem Premier 4000

Advance simple and revolutionary.
The Gem 4000 blood gas analyzer brings complete
automation to critical care testing at the touch of a button.
The Gem 4000 now provides you with full blood gas,
measured Hemoglobin, co-oximetry, and Total Bilirubin
testing for Pediatrics and this all in one disposable cartridge.
The Gem 4000 is also equipped with fully automated maintenance,
quality control (iQM) and information management to help and ensure
patient safety and enhanced patient care.


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  • Rapid whole blood testing for centralized and decentralized locations
  • Disposable cartridge contains all  testing components: sensors,Co-Ox optical cell, lysing solution, process control solutions, waste bag, tubing, IQM, even the sampler
  • Zero maintenance: just replace the cartridge monthly (30 days)
  • Only one cartridge to inventory and manage, including all solutions, sensors and quality control
  • Immediately detects errors – no hands-on troubleshooting required
  • Immediately corrects errors – no hands-on corrective actions required
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch-screed
  • Basic operation learned in just minutes
  • Simply press “GO” and present sample
  • Cartridges stored at room temperature
  • Regulatory compliance reports generated automatically


  • State-of-the-art planar sensors
  • Analytical performance equivalent to the best traditional analyzers
  • Demographic look-up and patient verification options
  • iQM assures quality patient care(quality control)
  • Continuously monitors and checks all critical components in realtime to assure accurate results
  • Assures quality results, enhancing patient safety and patient care
  • Detects and corrects errors immediately and performs and documents corrective actions automatically
  • Provides complete oxygenation status at the bedside


  • Multiple cartridge configurations – including a fully integrated CO-Oximetry panel.
  • Cartridges contain all components for patient testing and are ideal for high- and low-volume testing
  • Enables true standardization
  • Array of analytes from a single sample, including MetHb and TBili

Ideal for NICU

  • Capillary-tube sampling with no adapter required
  • In micro-mode;   65 uL sample
  • Portability allows monitoring at the isolation
  • Ideal for nitric oxide therapy; no interference from use of Methylene Blue
  • The only cartridge based system to offer Total bilirubin


  • GEMweb™ for remote system management from any network computer.
    • Automated, web-based information management
    • Single, graphic user-interface
    • Bi-directional operator management
    • Remote analyzer review and control
    • Remote iQM review
    • Demographic query
  • Gem web plus custom connectivity
  • The only connectivity software to:
    • Provide a single user-interface
    • Allow system-wide control from any networked PC or Gem Premier 4000
    • Automate and customize operator certification and management
  • Allows automatic review of the analyzer and cartridge status
  • Alerts operator to replace cartridge
  • Offers patient history with delta versus previous result with one keystroke
  • HIS and LIS order receiving and processing