Affiliate ยป Ilex BioTech Ltd.
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Ilex BioTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of ILEX Medical Ltd., specializing in blood banks and molecular diagnostics.

The scope of Ilex BioTech’s services includes instrumentation and supplies required throughout the blood screening process. The company is involved in blood bank and blood transfusion service turnkey projects according to customers requirements: from planning and design up to full operation, including staff training, Quality Assurance and Accreditation, as well as the supply of all apparatus and consumables for routine operation.

ILEX BioTech specializes in the high tech segment of blood banks and the diagnostics field, such as molecular biology and genetic testing, including cancer markers. The company offers turnkey projects for the establishment of various types of testing laboratories.

Ilex BioTech is active in Israel. While its major activity is in international markets, mostly in developing countries, the company is represented via a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and local partners. International activity is coordinated by its Dutch affiliate, Ilex BioTech BV.

ILEX BioTech affiliates are located in South Africa (ILEX South Africa Pty Ltd) with offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and distributors in the Southern and East Africa.